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Data Storage

Data Storage refers to any material with information recorded on it which can be retrieved and used later.

The primary storage is on the central processing unit of your computer. This memory is called RAM and it’s plugged into slots within the guts of your machine. This storage is constantly being erased and rewritten as you use your machine. If you computer hard drive breaks down or is stolen, you will lose all the programs and data stored in your primary system.

This is why we always recommend a secondary backup, which provides the extra storage space necessary to back up or transfer your files to for safekeeping. There are a wide-range of data storage options available to help with this:

On-site Secondary Storage

Designed to remain with a computer at a single location.

  • Solid state drives
  • RAM
  • Network attached storage
Featured Product
FujiFilm LTO Ultrium6 Data Cartridge

FujiFilm LTO Ultrium6 Data Cartridge

  • Recording capacity of 6.25TB with transfer rate of
  • High capacity recording achieved by advanced
    NANOCUBIC Technology.
  • Eco-friendly design


Removable Secondary Storage

Designed to be easily removable from a computer.

  • CD-ROMs
  • DVD-ROMs
  • USB flash drives
  • Portable hard disk drives
  • Magnetic tape cartridges
  • Optical disks
Featured Product
IBM System Storage TS1140

IBM System Storage TS1140

  • Offers high performance and high capacity tape processing for storage consolidation.
  • Helps enhance information security with support for encryption and key management.
  • Improves information retention with support for existing
    IBM tape automation.


Off-site Secondary Storage

Data is stored away from a computer in a remote location. It’s accessed by direct call or through the Internet. This type of storage provides the advantage of being able to access data anywhere, 24/7. Plus, if something happens to your computer, your data will be protected.

  • Cloud storage
  • Electronic vaulting
  • Online file storage sites
  • Online photo sharing
Featured Product

FujiFilm Permivault

FujiFilm Permivault

An online archive that offers secure online storage for disaster recovery and long-term data archiving.
  • Files (and customer support) available 24/7
  • On-premise solutions to connect to FunjiFilm’s off-site
    data center